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Archive for March, 2015

Advantages of Fat Transfer over Dermal Fillers

In the past, enhancement of facial features like the lips and cheeks were always performed with injectable dermal fillers. These formulations typically use hyaluronic acid to support the underlying skin structure, restoring volume from the inside out. Now, a new procedure is showing distinctive benefits over traditional injectable treatments. Fat transfer, also known as facial […]

4 Benefits of Ocean Swimming

As a fitness enthusiast and regular participant in half-ironman events, Dr Jason Roth has logged many hours in both swimming pools and ocean swimming. He prefers the ocean in most cases, due to the many benefits ocean swimming provides. If you are new to ocean swimming, or just considering this addition to your fitness program, […]

Rejuvenation Options for the Ageing Neck

While primary focus is usually paid to the face when it comes to reversing signs of ageing, the neck can be a source of concern as well. Horizontal bands across the neck, as well as loss of skin laxity, can make you look older than you feel. In addition, loose skin can give the impression […]

5 Reasons to Consider a Chin Implant

Facial implants have become a common way to enhance the facial profile by addressing prominent areas like the cheeks, jaw and chin. Chin augmentation with implants has become a particularly popular method of adding projection, symmetry and definition to the lower face. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your chin, check out these […]