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Paediatric chronic rhinosinusitis – advice to doctors and parents

Paediatric chronic rhinosinusitis is a clinical diagnosis due to persistent inflammation of the lining of the nose and sinuses. Most children have a runny nose (rhinorrhoea), nasal congestion and a cough lasting more than 12 weeks. Pathophysiology of paediatric chronic rhinosinusitis Paediatric chronic rhino sinusitis is thought be multifactorial possibily involving bacteria, biofilms, adenoiditis and inflammatory […]

Paediatric acute rhinosinusitis – advice to doctors and parents

Dr Roth gives an outline of the current recommendations for the diagnosis and management of paediatric acute rhinosinusitis for primary care physicians.  Definition of paediatric acute rhinosinusitis Paediatric acute rhinosinusitis is one of the most common problems present to primary care practitioners across the world.  Paediatric acute rhinosinusitis is defined as the sudden onset of […]

Revision rhinoplasty – Dr Roth explains what is involved.

Why would I consider a revision rhinoplasty procedure? Rhinoplasty is often considered the most complicated cosmetic procedure and also the most complicated nose and sinus procedure. Often despite our best planning, rhinoplasty surgical techniques and post-operative care, over time things do not end up how we expect them. Even when surgery is performed in the […]

The droopy nasal tip, Dr Roth explains how it is fixed

A droopy nasal tip, what is it? A droopy nasal tip is when the tip of the nose points downwards instead of pointing forwards or being slightly elevated. It is most common when the aging process begins as the nasal tip supports becomes weaker and the nose seems to “grow”. An old saying is that “the […]

Functional rhinoplasty – how can it help me?

A functional rhinoplasty is one that is undertaken to improve the function of the nose. The main function of the nose is breathing but when things are not working are number of other problems can occur. These problems include nasal congestion, snoring, sinus problems including infections and pain, ear blockage and nose bleeds. A functional rhinoplasty […]