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Archive for February, 2017

The Cocaine-Damaged Nose

Everyone knows what recreational drugs can do to the human body. The consequences are horrible, and after a period of time, the person becomes unrecognizable. For drugs like cocaine, heroin, and tobacco, all of which can be taken nasally, the effects on the nose are terrible. Cocaine use is extremely bad for health, and the […]

The Deep Plane Facelift: Beautiful, Lasting Facial Rejuvenation

The facelift is the operation that can truly reverse the changes of ageing in a significant and permanent fashion. Unlike injectables, which can make the face appear full, paralysed or just unnatural, a well performed facelift can reverse the effects of gravity on the face. This can restore a youthful appearance that resembles the person’s […]

How the ‘selfie’ drives plastic surgery demand

Plastic surgery is more popular than ever thanks to social media pressure, writes Dani Wright. There are almost 300 million photos with the hashtag #selfie on Instagram and it’s this modern obsession with how we look that has put our appearances under the spotlight like never before. According to Dr Jason Roth, an ENT specialist […]