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Blocked ear sensation

The sensation of a blocked ear is a very common reason patients present to an ear, nose and throat specialist. Just about everybody experiences this at some point in their lifetime. When the feeling persists it can become distracting, painful or interfere with hearing. The list of causes of a blocked ear is very extensive. […]

Lump in the throat sensation – globus pharyngeus

The feeling of a lump in the throat or the sensation of a foreign body stuck in the throat is one of the commonest reasons people seek a consultation with an ear, nose and throat specialist. The symptom often causes significant anxiety as people naturally “assume the worst”, that it may be a symptom of […]

Case study – Tamara

*Individual results may vary. *Individual results may vary. What was your initial reason to see Dr Jason Roth? A couple of days before Christmas in 2013 I had a surfing accident and broke my nose. At Manly Beach, 6pm on the last Friday before Christmas, I hailed down a local surfer to drive my surfing […]

Case study – Charlotte

*Individual results may vary. What was your initial reason to see Dr Jason Roth? By the time I was heading to high school I already hated my nose. My nose started to grow more and more noticeable and out of proportion with the rest of my face. Soon all I saw in the mirror was […]

Case study – Katherine

*Individual results may vary. What was your initial reason to see Dr Jason Roth? I had a lot of trouble breathing through my nose and was also getting quite a few sinus infections. Please describe how this condition affected your daily life? The breathing problems affected my sleep – making me wake up 2-3 times […]

Exophthalmos surgery

What is exophthalmos (proptosis)? Exophthalmos refers to a condition where the eyes become more prominent and bulge outwards. It can occur in both eyes or just on one side. Common causes include Graves’ Disease, cysts and tumours. Graves’ Disease is a multisystem disorder associated with an overactive thyroid and protein depositions within the muscles of […]

Allergies and coughs

Allergies and coughs Can my allergies be causing my cough? Yes. If you have an irritating cough, it can often be a sign of cold, however it is also a symptom of allergies. Colds and allergies have very similar symptoms for example: sneezing, coughing and having a runny nose. Allergies and colds are different conditions […]

Learn about pollens before the hay fever season

Grass and Cereal Pollens Exposure to pollen can cause hay fever and asthma almost year round in parts of Australia. It is extremely difficult to avoid outside the house throughout a lot of the warmer parts of the year. Grasses (particularly improved pasture grasses) that were introduced for livestock disperse vast amounts of airborne pollen, […]

Otoplasty (ear pinning)

How common are prominent ears? Prominent ears are the most frequent congenital abnormality of the head and neck. They affect both genders equally and occur in approximately 5% of the population. While most prominent ears problems are congenital some do result from previous trauma or injury. What age should prominent ears be corrected? Prominent ears […]

Time to Move from Injectable Treatments to Surgery?

Injectable treatments are often effective way to reverse early signs of ageing and postpone the need for more invasive surgical procedures. However, most patients reach a point when they discover the injectable alternatives are no longer as effective as they once were. How do you know when it is time to make the move from […]