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What to Expect on the Day of Treatment


CoolSculpting Treatment Day

What happens on the day of my scheduled CoolSculpting treatment?

On the day of your Coolsculpting treatment we will provide you with consent documents to sign and run through any questions you may have in relation to your treatment.

You will be provided with a comfortable gown into which you will change. Once you are comfortable we will take your pre-treatment images and create a personal record for you. Your images will be taken again at eight weeks to review your response to the treatment.

We will then assess all your treatment areas and mark them ready for your Coolsculpting treatment delivery.

In order to protect your skin during the Coolsculpting process we will use a gel pad. This gel pad will be placed on the selected treatment zone and often fells very cold. The relevant Coolsculpting applicator will be then be placed onto your treatment area. It is generally at this stage you may feel a slight ‘tug’, pull or slight discomfort from the vacuum of the applicator. Your tissue will be drawn into the cup of the applicator where controlled cooling is delivered to the targeted fat.

We will provide you with light refreshments and healthy snacks during your treatment. We will ensure you are at ease and comfortable during your Coolsculpting treatment.

How cold is the Coolsculptingprocedure?

The applicator will draw the tissue into the applicator cup and deliver controlled cooling to freeze the targeted fat cells. You may get a sense of cold initially however this generally disappears within approximately 5-10 minutes.

The surface applicator will feel different as it does not use vacuum to draw the tissue into the applicator. Again, controlled cooling is delivered to the targeted fat.

What can I do during my Coolsculpting treatment?

This a great time to relax. We provide you with an IPad so you can watch movies during your Coolsculpt treatment. Many people read; check their emails and even have a sleep during the procedure. You can choose, do whatever feels comfortable for you. We also offer a range of facial rejuvenation procedures including skin peels that can be performed during your Coolsculpt treatment.

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