ent and rhinoplasty case study in sydney
*Individual results may vary.

What was your initial reason to see Dr. Jason Roth?

I had broken my nose as a child and as a consequence was getting sinus problems.

Please describe how this condition affected your daily life?

I was getting headaches and sinus infections as well as a lot of discomfort when flying.

Please describe the consultation process prior to surgery

I had one consultation with Dr Roth. He looked at my scans and explained what needed to be done. I booked a date while I was there and was given a print out of the cost.

Please describe your recovery period after surgery

I spent 1 night in hospital. I had a plastic cover on my nose and internal splints for the 1st week which were removed by Dr. Roth in his rooms. I was taking regular painkillers (Panadol and Endone) for a week or two. My nose continued to bleed on and off a lot on the first night post surgery and for the next 24 hrs. After that it would just drip blood intermittently for around a week I made sure to keep the suture line under my nose as clean as possible. I was doing Saline nasal washes 3-4 times a day for the 1st week or two and then gradually cut back. I got some bruising under my eyes and swelling which was expected. I then had another check up with Dr. Roth 1 month later. It is now around 3 months and my nose is healing well. I still have some numbness in the tip of my nose and behind my front teeth and my smell and taste is not quite back to normal. My suture line is almost gone. I still have a bit of swelling on my nose to go, but it is looking great!

Dr. Roth’s Summary
This is a young lady who was referred to me to help address breathing and cosmetic problems with her nose. She also was developing recurrent sinus infections with persistent headaches. She disliked the hump on her nose but wanted to keep her profile view almost completely straight without any “scoopiness”.

An an endoscopic examination and CT scan revealed a deviation of her nasal septum, turbinate hypertrophy and sinus disease.

This lady underwent a combined septoplasty, rhinoplasty, turbinoplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery procedure. The dorsal hump was removed but only to the level of making the profile straight. The tip was narrowed and slightly elevated. The nose was straightened. Endoscopic sinus surgery and an inferior turbinoplasty procedure was performed. The patient was very happy with her breathing and relief of her headaches. She was also very pleased with the appearance of her nose in all views.

Dr. Jason Roth is an ENT that also works with his patients to produce excellent aesthetic results in his rhinoplasty procedures. His training and experience provides his patients with a full range of options in nose treatment and enhancement, often in just a single surgical procedure. To learn more about Dr. Roth or the rhinoplasty techniques he performs, contact his office at 02-9982-3439 to schedule your personal consultation today.

*Individual results may vary.