Everyone knows what recreational drugs can do to the human body. The consequences are horrible, and after a period of time, the person becomes unrecognizable. For drugs like cocaine, heroin, and tobacco, all of which can be taken nasally, the effects on the nose are terrible. Cocaine use is extremely bad for health, and the nose incurs heavy damage due to prolonged cocaine use.

What Kind of Nasal Issues Can Cocaine Cause?

The nose is the main organ involved in the passage of oxygen. It receives a fragile supply of blood through the limited number of blood vessels present in it. Sniffing cocaine constricts the blood vessels and reduces the supply of oxygen to the septum tissues; this leads to a deterioration of the cartilage that supports the nose. The collapse of the nose often follows this. With a nasal collapse, the air passage is blocked, causing breathing problems and in certain cases even death.

Apart from the constriction of the nasal passage and the blocking of oxygen, cocaine can cause a variety of other problems in the nose. There can be a loss of smell, epistaxis (nosebleed), and nasal infections. The nose becomes a vulnerable area for many diseases, which can cause additional harm to the body.

Some people experience a nasal issue known as a septal perforation. With this, the nasal septum – the internal structure separating both of the nostrils – develops a small hole. This hole can create a whistling noise during the breathing process. Because it disrupts the integrity of the septum, it can also lead to nasal collapse.

Treatment of the Cocaine-Damaged Nose

The best way to treat the cocaine-damaged nose is to first cease usage of the drug entirely. It takes time and patience, but once the intake of drugs has stopped, further damage can be avoided and the healing process can begin.

Corrective nasal surgery is often done on the cocaine-damaged nose to help the patient recover from a nasal collapse. Over the years, this surgical procedure has been quite successful in treating many individuals with nasal problems. Rhinoplasty surgery is a very popular plastic surgery procedure due to its limited risks and outstanding results.

With the help of rhinoplasty, the nose can be reshaped back to its original form and appearance. This includes changing the size of the nostrils, the width of the bridge, and the dimensions of the tip of the nose to allow more air intake.

How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure and typically does not take more than four hours to complete. Anesthesia is administered, and then a cut is made within the nostrils. Sometimes, a cut is instead made along the columella. The surgeon then adjusts the cartilage and inner bone of the nose to reconstruct and often reinforce the nasal architecture. Cartilage grafts may be necessary to bolster the structures of the nose.

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