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Should I Get a Nose Job?

What is a “nose job?”

A nose job is actually a general term that covers a whole range of different smaller procedures and options to address problems with the nose. It may include treatment to address breathing problems, sinusitis, ear pain, facial pain, headaches or snoring.

Most people think that a nose job is something purely for cosmetic reasons. As well as looking good on the outside, a nose has to function well on the inside. Unfortunately the function of the nose can be overlooked by cosmetic surgeons and patients can run into a long list of problems, many of which require revision surgery. It is important to choose a doctor to treat your nose who is qualified in nose and sinus disorders as well as cosmetic surgery to avoid these problems.

Modern day rhinoplasty surgery involves re-creating the structural supports for the nose whenever a cosmetic change is made. This involves the placement of small cartilage grafts which are carefully stitched into place. These grafts prevent the nose from changing shape over the years and ensure that a nose looks good and breathes well for life.

A rhinoplasty can address both cosmetic and functional problems in the nose. It is not a single operation but a carefully planned procedure that addresses the breathing and cosmetic concerns for each individual patient. Planning a rhinoplasty is very important and usually at least two consultations are required before surgery is undertaken. It may be combined with surgery to address recurrent sinus problems, facial pain or snoring.


Changing the appearance of your nose has the potential to restore symmetry and balance to your face. Abnormalities of the nose can be most obvious viewing the nose from in front or from the side. Dramatic changes can be achieved but it is important that these are not done at the expense of breathing and that they are longstanding.

Many of my patients see rhinoplasty as a purely cosmetic procedure. Unfortunately sometimes patients have had surgery done elsewhere which leads to a beautiful nose but suboptimal breathing. It is very important that the inside of the nose continues to function when changes are made on the outside.


A blockage within the nasal airway can lead to a large number of medical problems. These include difficulty breathing during the day and at night with dry, sore throats in the morning from mouth breathing and tiredness during the day. Nasal blockages can also cause snoring, sleep apnoea or predispose you to recurrent or severe sinus problems including recurrent or chronic facial pain.

A nose that works well and looks natural is essential to good health. Many people live with noses that have been broken at some point or that have never really worked well their whole life. Improving the function and appearance of your nose can have dramatic effects on your health and wellbeing. This has been well demonstrated in a number of large quality of life medical studies.

In order to work out the cause for a nose problem, a careful assessment by an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor is required. In broad terms nose problems can be divided into problems with the lining of the nose (allergies, polyps, chronic infections) or structural problems (nasal septum, turbinates, valves, sinuses).

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost

The actual out of pocket cost for rhinoplasty varies depending on your health insurance plan and what functional elements are being included in the surgery. Treatment for snoring, sinus problems or allergies may add to the cost in some cases compared to simpler cases. Medicare will rebate the cost of many of the components of rhinoplasty surgery, especially after trauma or in the setting of a blocked nose, allergies or sinus problems.

Dr Roth is an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon. He is a member of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and has completed a United States Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowship program. He has a special interest in functional and cosmetic disorders of the nose and sinuses.

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