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*Individual results may vary.

What was your initial reason to see Dr Jason Roth?

By the time I was heading to high school I already hated my nose. My nose started to grow more and more noticeable and out of proportion with the rest of my face. Soon all I saw in the mirror was this huge hooked nose that just didn’t belong on my face. Eventually it bothered me so much I just couldn’t ignore it anymore and it made me so insecure I hated meeting new people. That’s when I decided to visit Dr Roth.

Please describe how this condition affected your daily life?

I grew so self-conscious of my nose that I wouldn’t let anyone take photos of me, including my family and friends or if I was forced to I would put my hand over my nose to hide it. I grew my fringe out long so I could hang my hair over my face and I avoided meeting new people because I felt they would be judging my nose. I just lost all my confidence.

Please describe the consultation process prior to surgery:

The day of my consultation I was nervous and really not sure what to expect and I was a bit worried Dr Roth might not understand how I felt. But I shouldn’t have stressed so much because he really listened to me and explained everything clearly in a way I understood. We worked out exactly what it was that I didn’t like about my nose and what could be done to change it and also what couldn’t. We also decided that I still wanted my nose to look like it suited my face and be natural. Dr Roth explained how the surgery would be and how long it would take for everything to completely settle down. When I left I had a really good feeling about Dr Roth and I was confident he would take good care of me.

Please describe your recovery period after surgery:

Recovering from the operation was easier than I had expected. My face felt tender and sore for about 4 days but painkillers made me comfortable and I found keeping my head up on pillows eased the pain a bit too. I ate soft foods for a few days because I found chewing made my face ache. Dr Roth had warned me about how long the bruising could last but I kept applying ice packs all the time and the worst of my bruising had gone after about a week. Most annoying was the blocked nose sensation and having to breathe through my mouth but the nasal rinses helped that a bit. But it was all so worth it!

Are there any suggestions you would like to pass on to with future patients?

To someone who is considering cosmetic surgery I would say talk to your friends about it. When I spoke to my friends about getting rhinoplasty surgery they all told me I should, not because my nose was so bad but because they had all noticed just how miserable I was because of my nose. It was affecting my mood and in turn my friendships. With my family and friends supporting me the whole process was easier.

Any final comments you would like to make?

Finally I would like to say thank you to Dr Roth and his staff for giving me such a beautiful new nose and for looking after me so kindly. Now when I look in a mirror I see me. My nose blends in with my face and I feel that this is the nose I was meant to be born with. People are surprised how natural my new nose is and not at all ‘fake’ looking. But most of all my friends have noticed

I am happy and that is the biggest change of all! So thank you Dr Roth.

Dr Roth’s Comments

Charlotte is a young woman who presented for discussion about a cosmetic rhinoplasty. She had been concerned about the appearance of her nose for many years. Charlotte requested the removal of her hump, some upward rotation of her nasal tip and a very slight narrowing of her nose overall when viewed from in front.

On examination Charlotte has moderate skin thickness. Her pre-operative photos demonstrate a mild dorsal hump and a slightly droopy and wide nasal tip. An endoscopic assessment of her nose revealed slightly enlarged turbinates.

Charlotte underwent an open approach rhinoplasty and turbinoplasties procedure. Her hump was first removed then the width of the nose was narrowed. Her nasal tip was then upwardly rotated and refined. A small tip graft was placed to add a soft contour to the tip and create the appropriate balance between pointiness and roundness.

Charlotte’s surgery went according to plan and she recovered without any post-operative problems. Her post-operative photos were taken at 2 months. There is still swelling of the nose but the new overall shape is already very apparent. I am delighted with her result and look forward to seeing further improvements in the width of the nose and refinement of her tip as swelling continues to go down over the next 12 months.

*Individual results may vary.