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Blepharoplasty Post Operative Care

Important information after blepharoplasty surgery

  • Apply cool compresses to the eyes for 2 days. Small ziplock bags of frozen peas often work well and can be rotated through the freezer. 10 minutes per hour while awake works well
  • Keep head elevated wherever possible for the first 3 days
  • Do not bend over.
  • Do not squint or frown
  • Avoid excessive movement of facial muscles
  • Do not wear make-up
  • Avoid lifting anything heavy

Notify Dr Roth if you notice any of the following –

  • Excessive pain, bleeding or swelling
  • Changes in vision
  • You develop a fever > 38.5 degrees

Attend your follow-up appointment one week following the procedure.

Take all medication as directed.

  • Antibiotic ointment will be prescribed and this needs to be applied to the wounds twice a day.
  • During the first few days the eyelids may not close completely due to swelling and it may be necessary to apply antibiotic ointment to the eye at night to avoid a dry eye. Lubricating drops during the day may also occasionally be necessary. Antibiotic ointment when placed in the eye makes vision blurry.
  • If you had a transconjunctival lowered eyelid blepharoplasty, you may be prescribed eye drops that contain a steroid and antibiotic.
  • After 3 days, warm compresses can be used. These can help to soften any dry blood and assist with gentle cleaning of the wound.

After suture removal

  • Your sutures will be removed at approximately 7 days after surgery
  • After this avoid rubbing the eyelids as this may result in the wounds breaking open
  • There is often numbness just below where any surgical incisions are made; this is normal. Patients often notice this when applying eyeliner.
  • The second post-operative appointment is usually made at 6 weeks. A further set of photographs is taken at this point to compare with the pre-operative set.

You can download a .pdf version of this information here – Blepharoplasty post-op information

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