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Facelift Surgery in Sydney

Facelift Surgery aims to Restore a More Youthful Look


The goal of Facelift surgery is to reverse the signs that ageing can have on the face and neck in a significant and long-lasting fashion. Everybody ages in different ways and at different speeds. Given this, a facelift needs to be carefully planned and a suitable type of facelift procedure needs to be selected and customised for each individual case. For almost all patients, the deep plane facelift approach can be customised to provide the optimal results. In recent years, this type of facelift has super-seeded other facelift techniques.

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With good planning, selecting an appropriately trained surgeon, and by selecting a modern face-lifting technique such as the Deep Plane Facelift, a facelift can produce very natural results that wind back the years and take a person’s appearance back to their younger self.

A facelift procedure may also be combined with a neck lift, brow lift, upper or lower eyelid lid lifts (blepharoplasty), a lip lift or other procedures such as a rhinoplasty or otoplasty (ear pinning).

Risks of surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a serious decision. Information about the risks of a facelift can be found here.

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Types of Facelift


  • What are the Satisfaction Rates of Facelift Surgery?

    Facelift surgery generally has an extremely high satisfaction rate. It is important to see a surgeon who has experience in performing all types of facelift so that the very best and most appropriate procedure can be planned for you.
  • There are Many Types of Facelift – Which is the Best?

    Dr Roth specialises in the Vertical Platysmal Advancement or Deep Plane Facelift. Benefits of this technique include a natural and longer lasting result with minimal to no pain after surgery, only mild discomfort and a recuperation time of approximately two weeks, after which one can resume a “public life”. The Deep Plane Facelift technique focuses on the deeper facial structure and ensures there is no unnatural tightening or pulling of the facial skin that used to typify older style facelift techniques. The deep plane facelift has won the devotion of patients and acclaim from the plastic surgery community.

  • Should I get a Necklift at the Same Time as a Facelift?

    Ageing can produce marked changes in the neck. A neck lift is essentially part of the facelift. Gravity has caused the tissues of the face and neck to have dropped as a single unit. A deep plane facelift will appropriately reposition these tissues using the platysma muscle as a sling.

    What Surgeons Perform Facelift Surgery?

    By way of background, in Sydney, facial plastic surgery including facelift is actually performed by a relatively small group of qualified surgeons whom hold the highest surgical qualification attainable in Australia – Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS). Such surgeons include ENTs and Plastic Surgeons. Within these two specialty groups only a small number of the surgeons choose to specialise in facelift surgery amongst the large number of other operations that are included in their training.It is critically important that your surgeon not only hold the highest surgical accreditation attainable in Australia, FRACS, but also that they enjoy high case volumes to ensure a degree of expertise in performing the facelift procedure. Some plastic surgeons specialise in body and breast work. A specialist facial surgeon is a surgeon who specialises only in only facial surgery. Dr Jason Roth is an ENT that specialises in facial cosmetic surgery. You can view his before-and-after gallery patient surgical outcomes here.

    It is also important to recognise the benefits of the Deep Plane Facelift over other types of facelift. To this end, doing your own research is critical.

    Dr Roth is one of a small group of Specialist ENT and Head & Neck Surgeon who focuses purely in facial cosmetic surgery in Sydney. That is, he only performs facial surgery on the face and neck.

  • Does Experience and High Patient Volume Matter?

    It is important for patients to have a thorough understanding of what techniques will be used as part of their surgery as well as the academic background and surgical training of their surgeon before proceeding. Surgeons develop a higher degree of skill, technical capability and confidence with the higher volume of surgery they perform, so choosing a surgeon that routinely performs a high volume of facelift surgery is critical to reduce risk, obtain the best outcomes and manage expectations.
  • What Should I Expect at the Initial Consultation?

    When you are ready to discuss your facelift further, the next step is a consultation. This is typically a 45 to 90 minute appointment where Dr Roth will carefully listen to your concerns. He will then examine your facial skin and soft tissues to assess the effects of ageing. Dr Roth will then explain what components of the surgery are necessary in your case and where the incisions will be placed (typically hidden in skin folds and in the hairline).
  • What are Dr Roth’s Credentials in Facelift Surgery?

    Dr Roth’s credentials and training in facial surgery are significant. After graduating from the Univeristy of New South Wales in Sydney, Dr Roth completed his residency in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He then went on to complete a prestigious American Rhinologic Society fellowship in advanced rhinology and facial plastic surgery at Rush Univeristy in Chicago. He received instruction from a number of world leaders in facial plastic surgery. He then studied with Nolst Trenite and Dirk Menger at the Bergman clinics and Academic Medical Institute in the Netherlands. He went on to complete the International Board Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery in Washington DC. He has studied with Dr Neil A Gordon in Connecticut, one of the pioneers and acknowledged world leaders in facelift surgery in the world. Dr Gordon is the world’s leading expert on the Deep Plane Facelift technique.Dr Roth is currently a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Australian Association of Facial Plastic Surgery, the Australian Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, the Australian and American Rhinologic Soceties and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

    In addition to his formal training, Dr Roth takes great care and pride in the journey of each of his facial surgery patients who come under his care. He invests an immense amount of time and energy to ensure that his patients experience only the very best in care leading up to their surgery, during their hospital stay and during their recovery. He strongly believes that all these aspects of a patient’s journey are important to obtaining the very best results. He is personally involved in all his patient’s pre-and post-operative care visits.


About Dr Jason Roth, MBBS, FRACS

Dr Jason Roth is a Sydney ENT Specialist and Head & Neck Surgeon with Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowship training from Australia, the United States and Europe. He is an expert in Facelift Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Nose and Sinus Surgery.

He consults from his clinic in Dee Why and operates at several private hospitals across Sydney. Importantly, Dr Roth performs more than 50+ facelifts per year, which makes him one of Sydney’s busiest facelift surgeons. Dr Roth has exposure to a high volume of patients with both common and rare clinical problems, allowing him to develop a depth of expertise. View his full profile here.


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