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Mini Facelift Surgery

The mini facelift is a facial rejuvenation procedure that offers some of the benefits of a facelift while attempting to minimise the incisions and recovery time. It is often performed under local anaesthesia (you are awake) and can offer improvements in facial and jawline appearance.

Ageing affects all of us but some people age more quickly than others. Factors that can affect the speed of your ageing include genetic factors, sun exposure, smoking and cycles of weight gain and loss. Ageing in the face causes skin and muscles to loosen and descend downwards. This leads to hollowing under the eyes and “crows feet”, jowling along the jawline, creases around the mouth and folds in the neck.

The mini facelift is also known as the S-lift or short scar facelift. It has been promoted as being a procedure well suited to professionals who request the absolute minimum recovery time. It is also sometimes promoted as a “weekend” facelift. Recovery is often only a few days.

All facelifting should rely on tightening the underlying muscle rather than skin. The main types of facelift are the mini face lift, the SMAS lift and the deep plane face lift. These are usually combined with a neck lift.

In many patients only limited benefits can be obtained with a mini facelift and they will be much happier with the outcome from a traditional facelift. In general a deep plane or full facelift will offer much better and longer lasting results compared to a mini facelift. A facelift specialist such as a Dr Roth will be able to assess whether you are a good candidate for a mini facelift.

A SMAS lift involves lifting the muscle layer of the face and neck called the SMAS. When the SMAS is lifted and secured the skin can then be sutured under no tension avoid the “windswept” pulled look of early facelifts. In recent years the SMAS lift has been shown to be inferior to the results obtained with the deep plane facelift.

The deep plane facelift is the most effective operation in restoring the midface and jawline to the appearance of earlier years. It is also the procedure that procedures the most smooth neckline. Patients having a deep plane facelift have the highest satisfaction rates with their surgery compared to mini facelifts and SMAS lifts.

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