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Over Projected Nose

Over Projected Nose
When a patient has a long over projected tip it can make the nose look larger especially from the side profile. When talking about tip projection we refer to how far forward the nose is from the face.

What causes an over projected nose?
The main cause of an over projected nose is overgrowth of the tip cartilages or overgrowth of the septum that pushes the tip cartilages out.

What does the procedure consist of?
When performing a rhinoplasty to reposition the tip projection surgeons often trim the tip cartilages. The medial crura of the alar cartilages can be shortened or repositioned downwards with sutures.

Surgeons must take in consideration that it is important to create a seamless, well-proportioned profile to match the new tip positon. When de-projecting an over-projected tip it is common that you may have to shave down excess cartilage or bone from the bridge so that a new hump does not form.

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