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Pinched Tip Nose

What is a pinched tip?
A narrow or pinched tip can occur when tip cartilages are inadequately spaced apart or collapsed. A pinched tip can develop naturally or can be due to a prior rhinoplasty surgery where the nasal tip cartilages are overly resected and weakened. It can also be caused when the tip defining points are placed too close together.

How do you get rid of a pinched tip?
When treating a pinched tip we focus on recreating the proper cartilage support of the nose. There are many different procedures including alar batten grafts, lower lateral crural strut grafts or lower lateral crural reconstruction (links).

The concave appearance of the lower lateral cartilages make the tip appear narrow and isolated. The solution is to rebuild the lower lateral cartilages so they are straight and better support the nostril margins.

The nose can also be made wider with soft tissue spacer grafts that are placed between the domes. This allows the nose to balance out and seem less pinched.

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