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Surgical Breathe Right Strips

Many people find relief of their blocked noses with a product called “breathe-right” strips. Breathe right strips are adhesive strips that stick to the outside of the nose and splint open the nasal airway to stop it collapsing inwards when you breathe in. Most people only wear these at night or while playing sport but would probably like to be able to have the benefit they obtain from them present all the time.

How do breathe right strips work?
Breathe right strips work by springing open the upper lateral cartilages (internal nasal valve) and/or lower lateral cartilages and skin (external nasal valve) thereby widening the internal and external valves.

Nasal anatomy Dr Roth RhinoplastyThe internal nasal valve is the narrowest component of the upper airway before you reach your voice box. Small changes as little as a millimetre can improve nasal airflow significantly.

Are there alternatives to breathe right strips?
Breathe right strips although effective are not permanent. With regular use they can start to irritate the nasal skin. There are a number of surgical procedures that can be used to deliver the same benefit of a breathe right strip permanently. A very careful assessment of the nose will be needed to determine if the narrowing is dynamic (only with inspiration) or static as well as whether the problem is due to internal or external nasal valve collapse. Once this has been determined the appropriate treatment will be decided. This may include – alar batten grafts, re-shaping or re-positioning of the alar cartilages, spreader grafts or lateral crural strut grafts.

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