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Wide Nasal Bridge

There are many features that people dislike about their nose, one common feature being a wide nasal bridge which is most obvious when looking front on.

Osteotomies to narrow a wide noseOsteotomy lines for correcting a wide nasal bridge

What is a wide bridge and how can I remove it?

This problem commonly arises from excess width or thickness of the nasal bones. It can also occur when the nasal dorsum is very low as is commonly seen in some non-European noses. Narrowing this wide nasal bridge is normally done by a method called osteotomies. This method consists of making precise bone fractures which allows the nasal bones to be moved inwards.

The nose can also look wide after a nasal hump is removed during rhinoplasty. Generally after a hump is removed the bones will need to be narrowed. If this is not done adequately the nose is said to have an “open roof deformity”.

Before narrowing a nose it is always important to ensure that the nasal septum is straight and that there is adequate room on the inside of the nose. If this is not checked breathing problems may occur afterwards.

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