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Closed Approach Rhinoplasty

A closed rhinoplasty (closed approach or endonasal rhinoplasty) is one in which the incisions are all made on the inside of the nose. A closed approach rhinoplasty can be used to address the nasal tip, the dorsum, the nasal septum and the width of the nose. If the nose does not require any changes to the nasal tip, a closed approach rhinoplasty generally has less tip swelling compared to an open approach rhinoplasty. This is because by necessity an open approach will lift the skin off the tip in order to access the higher parts of the nose.

A closed approach rhinoplasty is not always possible in some situations. Adding grafts can be very challenging through a closed approach and is usually performed through an open approach. Revision rhinoplasty is almost always performed through an open approach so that changes from the first surgery can be better identified.

Your surgeon will discuss the most appropriate approach for the changes that are needed in your nose.

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