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Is Rhinoplasty for Me?

Before embarking on any facial plastic surgery procedure it is important to take some time to thoroughly understand the procedure itself. This includes an appreciation of what can and cannot be achieved in your particular case and the development of realistic expectations. Your individual facial bony structure, skin type, ethnic background and age are all factors that influence your rhinoplasty.

Good health is also important. Before undertaking a rhinoplasty you should take time to quit smoking, build regular exercise and diet control into your weekly schedule and look after your skin.

Generally Dr Roth advises patients to have reached full growth or around sixteen years of age before having a rhinoplasty. This ensures that the nose can be appropriately balanced to the adult face size. There are also some “growth” centres located within the nasal septum that are best left undisturbed until facial growth is complete. However there are always exceptions to the rule and rhinoplasty surgery can be undertaken at younger ages in certain situations.

In many cases Dr Roth is able to use computer assisted image morphing to give an idea of the proposed changes. These images are used as a guideline to ensure that both the patient and Dr Roth have a clear idea of what changes are desired and ensure expectations are realistic and achievable.

During the consultation with Dr Roth he will examine the structure of your nose both internally and externally to determine which approach would best be suited. He will then outline the recommended techniques, the recovery period and the potential surgical risks involved. Dr Roth’s staff will then discuss the costs involved and the hospital admission booking process. Dr Roth generally recommends a minimum of two consultation sessions prior to a rhinoplasty in order to thoroughly plan the procedure.

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