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Rhinoplasty Procedures

There are many types of rhinoplasty procedures. A rhinoplasty may be purely functional, cosmetic or a combined procedure.

A rhinoplasty can also be performed entirely from within the nose without any outside scars, a “closed approach rhinoplasty”. When the nose is opened up for improved visualisation and to facilitate the addition of grafts it is called an “open approach rhinoplasty”.

Functional rhinoplasty procedures

The term “functional rhinoplasty” refers to a procedure that aims to address issues with the normal function of the nose. Typically a functional rhinoplasty is needed to address problems with the internal or external nasal valve.

A rhinoplasty may be combined with a septoplasty and can be called a septorhinoplasty. This addresses a deviation of the nasal septum which can interfere with normal breathing.

An ear nose and throat specialist may also include a turbinoplasty procedure to help address a blocked nose.

Rhinoplasty for a broken nose

If there is a broken nose from trauma, the bones of the nose may need to be rebroken and reshaped in order to create a straight nose. If the nasal septum has been severely damaged or if there is a septal perforation, a nose reconstruction may be necessary. This may include the need to obtain cartilage from a distant site (ear or rib) to be used in the reconstruction.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty

Plastic Surgery for a cosmetic rhinoplasty can make dramatic changes to the appearance of the nose if needed. The best results are often when smaller more subtle changes are made.

Different terms are often used to explain the type of cosmetic rhinoplasty that is being performed. A rhinoplasty that focuses on nasal tip reshaping is called a “tip rhinoplasty”, on lifting a droopy nose, “a nose lift rhinoplasty” or on a general reduction in the size of the nose a “reduction rhinoplasty” or a “wide nose rhinoplasty”.

The cosmetic aims of rhinoplasty vary in different ethnicities. In Asian rhinoplasty for example often the aim is to increase the height of the nose or narrow the nostrils. A western looking nose may not always be most in keeping with a person’s ethnic background. Occasionally patients will want to maintain a characteristic family feature of their nose while making other changes.

Careful planning of the precise functional and cosmetic aims of rhinoplasty is always essential.

You can read more about some common techniques used in rhinoplasty for different conditions on Dr Roth’s Rhinoplasty in Sydney information site.

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