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Our Anti-Wrinkle Fillers Fight the Signs of Aging

Razor sharp cheekbones and bright illuminating eyes are some of the features that many of us would die for. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and many of us tend to develop hollow cheeks and wrinkles. Such illuminating results can be easily achieved using some makeup. We all want the right amount of plumpness and […]

You May Need Revision Rhinoplasty

There are circumstances where your primary rhinoplasty procedure may not have gone as planned. You may find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you are left with an asymmetrical nose or breathing problems among a myriad of potential other issues. It is estimated that almost fifteen percent of primary rhinoplasties require a revision rhinoplasty. The […]

TRT Treatment Is A Great Solution for People Who Suffer from Tinnitus

A great deal of people suffer from a condition known as tinnitus. This condition can cause a person to hear a hissing, buzzing, ringing, or any other sound in one or both of their ears, even when there is no sound being produced externally. Tinnitus can be a terrible ailment to suffer from and deal […]

Secondary Rhinoplasty Corrects Issues from Primary Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job, is a surgical technique that is used to alter the look and feel of the nose. It is a highly delicate process and may result in a myriad of problems if it is performed by an untrained plastic surgeon. If there are any problems during the […]

CoolSculpting Freezes Fat Cells to Slim You Down

The world of cosmetic procedures is expanding fast. When it comes to fat reduction, there are a number of great procedures available, but many of them are invasive. These are mainly for those who have tried rigorous fitness routines and diets and still find it difficult to burn stubborn fat. For those who need help […]

The Italian Nose Job

People from the Mediterranean have a different nasal structure when compared to other ethnicities. The Italian nose is unique in its structure as it has a prominent nasal bridge. As one ages, however, the tip of the nose may begin to droop, making it look disproportionately elongated and asymmetrical with other facial features. The rhinoplasty […]

Injectable Cosmetic Treatments Help Ease the Signs of Aging

Aging is an inevitable process that we can’t control and must all go through. When it comes to the visible signs of aging, however, we can control it with the help of specific cosmetic treatments. Although there are numerous cosmetic treatments and surgeries available to help people look more youthful, a less-invasive and safer technique […]

Recurring Sinus Problems? We Can Help.

Sinuses are small air-like pockets present inside the cheekbones and the forehead. They secrete mucus into the nose, which traps dust particles and foreign bodies. Sinusitis is the inflammation of sinuses and causes disruption of mucus flow and other nasal problems. Sinusitis can be chronic or acute depending upon the duration of the infection. Sinusitis […]

Chronic sinusitis

Key points Chronic sinusitis is defined by (2 or more of) nasal obstruction, mucopuluent discharge, decreased smell or facial pain with CT or endoscopic evidence of sinus disease Consider other differential diagnoses Nasal obstruction, a post-nasal drip, headaches or loss of smell as sole individual symptoms are rarely due to sinusitis. Once the diagnosis is […]

The Deep-Plane Facelift Technique

In the last 20 years, modern science has helped medical procedures reach new heights. With the development of exciting techniques, medical procedures can now be conducted without the fear of negative results. Plastic surgery is one of the fields that has gained immensely from such technological advancements. New techniques have completely changed the way plastic […]