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Archive for April, 2016

Corticosteroids in ENT

When you are prescribed a steroid medication, this usually means a “corticosteroid” medication. Corticosteroid medications are very useful medications that are widely used in medicine. They are used as part of treatment for a number of Ear, Nose and Throat conditions. Like all medications they have some side effects. These can occasionally be serious but […]

Boxy nasal tip

The “boxy” nasal tip is a common finding that patients wish to change in a rhinoplasty. It is caused by nasal tip cartilages forming in a broad, squared-off shape when viewed from below. This often makes the lower third of the nose appear very large compared to the remainder. The ideal appearance of the nose […]

Bulbous nasal tip

A common request during cosmetic rhinoplasty is to remove or refine a bulbous or rounded nasal tip. What causes a bulbous or rounded nasal tip? A bulbous nasal tip can be caused by the shape and thickness of the nasal tip skin or by the shape and orientation of the tip cartilages underneath the skin. […]

Blocked ear sensation

The sensation of a blocked ear is a very common reason patients present to an ear, nose and throat specialist. Just about everybody experiences this at some point in their lifetime. When the feeling persists it can become distracting, painful or interfere with hearing. The list of causes of a blocked ear is very extensive. […]

Lump in the throat sensation – globus pharyngeus

The feeling of a lump in the throat or the sensation of a foreign body stuck in the throat is one of the commonest reasons people seek a consultation with an ear, nose and throat specialist. The symptom often causes significant anxiety as people naturally “assume the worst”, that it may be a symptom of […]