Nose Surgery without Packing in sydney au

Many patients try to avoid nose surgery, even if the procedure is necessary to improve breathing and nasal function. The reason behind this avoidance? Often it is the horror stories patients have heard about the discomfort associated with postoperative nasal packing, the practice of placing cotton or gauze inside the nasal passages to prevent bleeding and dripping after surgery. The good news is that many ENTs, including Dr. Jason Roth, have stopped using nasal packing, making the procedure much more comfortable for their patients.

Benefits of Discontinuing Nasal Packing

Dr. Roth and other surgeons have stopped using nasal packing as a regular part of their surgical procedure:

  • Eliminates the discomfort associated with nasal packing, both while it is in the nasal cavity and when it is pulled out
  • May lead to less swelling of the nasal passages, which can often be irritated by the introduction of a foreign substance (packing) into the cavity
  • Patients are able to breathe through their nose after surgery, which alleviates significant anxiety for many patients
  • Patients are able to sleep better after nasal surgery without packing, which aids in the healing process

Nasal Surgery without Packing

Because of the discomfort and fear often associated with nasal packing some ENT surgeons have developed techniques that allow them to avoid using post-operative packing. Dr. Jason Roth has found ways to avoid packing in nearly all of his nose surgeries and has not used the packing technique in at least five years. The lack of packing does not affect his patients’ ability to heal; in fact, it may help them to heal faster as there is less swelling and discomfort after surgery.

Even without packing, patients will usually experience a degree of congestion for a few days, due to the swelling of the nasal lining. Dr. Roth alleviates this congestion by beginning a saline wash the day after surgery to eliminate residual blood inside the nose. Subsequent office visits are highly recommended to keep the nasal passages clear and ensure proper healing is taking place. Most patients will be able to return to regular activities within just a few days of their surgery and most require less post-operative pain medication than patients that had nasal packing in place.

Nose surgery is much less stressful today, thanks to techniques that prohibit nasal packing that had been common in the past. With less discomfort, better sleep and faster healing, there is no reason to put off your nose surgery any longer. To get more information or schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Roth, contact his Sydney office at 02 9982 3439.