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Facelift (After Weight Loss)

Typically patients who are overweight or obese have round, full faces. As a result of diet, exercise or bariatric surgery faces can rapidly lose their youthful fullness. This can give the appearance of increased age compared to when they were more overweight. This is particularly the case in patients who have undergone bariatric surgery where huge weight loss is not uncommon.

Weight loss can exaggerate the ageing process. Typically fat is lost but excess skin remains. This leads to excess skin beneath the eyes, around the cheeks, jowls along the jawline and a “turkey-neck” type appearance. This problem is common in both men and women.

Often these unexpected ageing face changes cause considerable distress to patients who have lost weight. The dramatic changes can have a negative psychological effect on mood, energy levels and self-esteem. In some cases people find it difficult to get back to work where their appearance is a significant part of the profession. Some patients even struggle to recognise themselves in the mirror.

Fortunately there are treatments available. A combined facelift and neck lift procedure can help to reposition the redundant skin back to it’s more youthful position. This also helps to redistribute volume back up into the face to create some fullness where it should be. The surgery can help patients to not only look younger but to possess a face that matches their new, healthier body.

Typically incisions are hidden in the hairlines and around the ear. Often a small incision under the chin is also necessary. These incisions leave well hidden scars.

The main benefits of a facelift and neck lift procedure are to reduce wrinkles, tighten droopy and saggy areas and remove excess skin. Patients require a hospital admission and are typically ready to be presentable in public in 1-2 weeks. The benefits increase over the next month or so as further swelling decreases.

If you have made a commitment to losing weight and being healthy, be proud of your decision and your hard work. Don’t let a sagging face or neck prevent you from feeling your best.

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