A lot of children snore on numerous occasions while they sleep. This phenomenon is a lot more common than most people are aware of. Snoring is not just restricted to the adults. There are many reported cases of children snoring, which can be a sign of some type of sleep disorder, but most of the time, it is due to the presence of some form of blockage in the back of the mouth.

The volume of one’s snoring is based on the amount of air that passes through the throat and the extent of the vibrations produced by the throat tissue.

Snoring in children is common from the age of three and above when they enter the deeper stages of their sleep. Snoring that is referred to here is not usually associated with serious conditions such as snoring associated with sleep apnea or any kind of serious lung conditions.

Snoring is an abnormality in healthy children and it should definitely be a cause for concern for parents. It can often be a sign of infection in the throat or lungs. In 2002, the American Society of Pediatrics released a recommendation to all parents to have their children checked for any sleep disorders if there is a problem with snoring.

Is the Snoring A Symptom of Something More Problematic?

If you notice a regular occurrence of snoring in your child, then there might be a chance that your child is suffering from sleep apnea. Some of the common symptoms associated with snoring which might be a sign of sleep apnea are mentioned below.

• Regular and loud snoring.

• Behavioral and social problems at school and with friends due to lack of proper sleep.

• Pauses in breaths and random snorts which often sound like snoring. Quite often extremely loud snoring or snorting can wake your child up from their sleep and cause them exhaustion and stress.

Easy Ways to Reduce Snoring

While snoring in children can be a symptom of a serious underlying condition, a lot of children simply suffer from it due to bad sleeping habits and hygiene. There are several simple solutions for treating such harmless snoring in children.

While following a healthy diet and proper sleep cycle is essential, there are certain things all parents can do to ensure that their children get a snore-free sleep.

• Change the sleeping position – An improperly placed head or certain sleeping positions often result in snoring, which can be easily fixed with a simple change in sleeping posture. Parents can correct their children’s posture by monitoring them and by supplying them with corrective pillows.

• Ensure open nasal passages – Steam inhalation and other similar forms of nasal clearing therapies can be taken at home before sleep in order to ensure that the nasal passages of children are clear. Doing so can help ensure less snoring while sleeping.

• Change the size of pillows – Head placement while sleeping can adversely affect one’s snoring. Simply changing to a more comfortable pillow with a better height can stop snoring in your children and help them achieve a restful night’s sleep.

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A snoring problem left untreated can cause some serious issues that take form in different aspects of your child’s life. If you feel as though your child has a problem with snoring, contact our office as soon as possible to schedule a consultation.