swimming for exercise and skin benefits

As a fitness enthusiast and regular participant in half-ironman events, Dr Jason Roth has logged many hours in both swimming pools and ocean swimming. He prefers the ocean in most cases, due to the many benefits ocean swimming provides. If you are new to ocean swimming, or just considering this addition to your fitness program, Dr Roth offers four reasons why ocean swimming should be a regular part of your workouts.


Salt water increases your buoyancy, which makes swimming easier and faster. The increased buoyancy is due to the heavier water, which forces you to keep afloat. Your legs won’t have to work quite as hard in ocean swimming, which allows you to swim farther without tiring out. Don’t get too confident, however, as other factors in ocean swimming, such as wave movement, can give you a rigorous workout even if it doesn’t seem as difficult!


One of the most enjoyable benefits of ocean swimming is the distraction ocean life provides. While you do need to exercise caution when swimming with sea life, the abundance of colourful fish and other sea creatures serve as an interesting diversion to the tedious task of moving your arms and legs in a repetitive motion. When you opt for breast stroke, you can also see the beauty of nature above the water, from sandy beaches to majestic mountain peaks rising above sea level.

Open Water

Pool swimming requires you to stick to a lane and count your laps. Ocean swimming is much more open, allowing you a chance to explore your environment even as you are getting a great workout. An ocean swim usually allows you to enjoy the sun on your back and fish below as you log in your workout miles. You also don’t have to worry about sharing your “lane” with other swimmers that might not be as well educated on the “rules of the road.”

Salt Water

The salt water found in oceans offers a myriad of benefits for your skin. While your body is getting a workout, your skin is enjoying accelerated wound healing and natural treatment for conditions like acne and rosacea. Sinus conditions can be improved through the natural nasal rinse you experience as you swim through the water. Minerals and nutrients in ocean water give your skin a healthy boost that will leave you with a glowing complexion long after your workout.

While ocean swimming offers many benefits, Dr Roth cautions that proper training in a swimming pool is essential before tackling ocean swimming. Once you are ready for the challenge, ocean swimming can offer numerous benefits and create a workout option that you will enjoy at the same time. To learn more about Dr Roth’s healthy tips, or to learn more about the care and services he provides as one of the leading ear, nose and throat specialists in Australia, contact his office at 02 9982 3439.