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While exercise at any time of the day has its benefits, there are even more positives when you work out first thing in the morning. While it may seem like a tough prospect to drag yourself out of bed and to the gym, once you get in the swing, you will see those morning workouts have definite advantages. Check out these five reasons from workout guru Dr. Jason Roth to consider shifting (or starting!) your workout routine to your first activity of the day.

Revs Up the Metabolism
Wake up your metabolism bright and early and it will reward you by burning calories well into your day. In fact, as your body grows accustomed to the early morning workouts, it will start revving up even while you are still asleep. That means you will start awakening more alert and energized to tackle that workout first thing.

Doesn’t Interfere with the Rest of the Day
Have you ever tried to schedule a workout over a lunch hour or after work? Chances are, things will come up during your day that will keep you from sticking to your plan. If you exercise as the first activity of your day, there will be fewer conflicts and you will be able to enjoy your evening knowing your exercise commitment has already been met.

Keeps You More Consistent
Studies have shown that people that work out early in the morning tend to be more consistent than others. Consistency means better, faster results. It is much easier to get your body out of bed and into workout mode than it is to get motivated after a long, exhausting day.

Sharper Mind, Greater Productivity
A single workout has been shown to boost mental clarity for many hours after you stop the exercise. If you get your activity in first thing in the morning, your brain is ready to face whatever lies ahead for the day. Whether you are heading to work or other activities, you will feel more alert and focused.

Makes You Feel Good
There is no greater feeling than the knowledge that you just completed something positive for your health. When that activity occurs first thing, you can carry those good feelings with you all day long. In addition, that first healthy choice will likely lead to other healthy choices throughout the day.

Dr. Jason Roth is an avid runner, swimmer and cycler who competes in half-ironman events every year. His commitment to health and fitness is a quality that benefits all of his patients at his medical practice. A noted ENT, Dr. Roth treats patients for a variety of nasal and sinus conditions and offers a variety of cosmetic procedures at his Northern Beaches office. To learn more about his services, contact Dr. Roth at 02 9982 3439.