A personal trainer may cost a bit more than signing up for a group class, but the benefits of the one-on-one training far outweigh the dollar difference. If you have never worked with a personal trainer before, check out Dr. Roth’s reasons to work with a personal trainer now if you are serious about achieving a higher plateau of health and fitness.

Safety First

Probably the most important benefit you receive from working with a personal trainer is safety. That professional will ensure your workout program is appropriate for your age, overall health and fitness level. In addition, the constant instruction helps to prevent improper performance of exercises that could lead to injury.


It can be challenging to make workouts a habit, especially when you are first starting a fitness program. A personal trainer will hold you accountable for getting to the gym and making it through your entire workout. You will not be able to come up with many excuses for skipping or going easy on your training when a professional is in charge of your program.

Customised Workouts

Your personal trainer will help you identify your specific fitness goals and help you design the best workout program to reach them. Every exercise will be chosen based on your specific needs and desired outcome. As you hit plateaus or make your goals, your trainer will help you set those objectives to the next level so you are always improving your fitness level.

Motivation to Work Harder

When the workouts get tough, it can be hard to push through them without a trainer to coach you. As a regular participant in ironman events, Dr. Roth knows how important it is to maintain motivation throughout training. Without a personal trainer at his side, he is doubtful he would be as successful in competition.

Connection to Area Activities

Personal trainers are usually well-connected to the community and can tune you into local activities that can supplement your workout schedule. Whether you are looking for fun runs, swimming opportunities, obstacle courses or group classes, your personal trainer can be your fitness guide in helping you reap all the benefits from your community.

Dr. Roth, a highly regarded ear, nose and throat specialist and is as well known for his participation in local ironman competitions as he is for his medical expertise. Dr. Roth’s rigorous training schedule and regular competitions have given him a new appreciation for the key role a personal trainer plays in helping him reach his fitness goals. He recommends a personal trainer for anyone, from seasoned athletes to those just starting out on a fitness program.

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