As an experienced Ironman competitor as well as a popular surgeon, Dr. Roth is committed to competition as a part of his healthy lifestyle. His most recent accomplishment was the Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney Event in November, which consisted of more than 70 miles of breathtaking views through the Blue Mountains and around the Penrith Lakes. For those interested in diving into the popular Ironman competitions, Dr. Roth has discovered some of the best training areas in the Northern Beaches area.

Run Locations

Dr. Roth offers three recommendations for challenging runs through pristine Australia terrain that are an effective part of his Ironman training routine:

  • Shelley Beach – North Head – Little Manly – Manly Beach – This trek takes you past the serenity of Manly Cove, the heath-covered cliffs of North Head and the spectacular views of Shelley Beach.
  • Queencliff Steps – This run begins at Manly Beach and goes all the way to the top. Dr. Roth recommends a minimum of 10 circuits to get the best workout. He refers to this run as “ridiculously tough,” but definitely an effective preparation for your next Ironman competition.
  • Manly to Long Reef (and back) – This route offers picturesque views as you run the white sands of Long Reef. Head to the top of the headland to catch an occasional glimpse of migrating whales or simply enjoy the antics of wind and kite surfers that frequent the area.

Bike Locations

For bike training, Dr. Roth prefers a route that takes him from Mona Vale to West Head to Akuna Bay and back to Mona Vale. Dr. Roth describes the route as “stunning,” from the breathtaking views as West Head to the array of birdlife at Akuna Bay. Dr. Roth recommends early treks for the best views and smallest crowds.

Swim Locations

Dr. Roth’s favorite swim route is the 1.5 kilometers from Manly to Shelley and back again. Swimmers who like to make their workouts more social can swim with the Bold and Beautiful Swim Squad seven days a week at 7 a.m. The informal swim group can be identified by their hot pink swim caps. A number of members can also be found lingering at local cafes after their workouts.

Training for an Ironman competition is intense, sometimes painful and always challenging. Dr. Roth makes the most of his training sessions by choosing routes that are scenic as well as strenuous.

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