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Rhinoplasty Benefits

What are the benefits of a rhinoplasty?

A nose should ideally breathe well and naturally compliment the appearance of the face. Many people put up with nasal problems for many years and are amazed at the improvement in their quality of life after the procedure. Rhinoplasty benefits can be dramatic.

Functional reasons for rhinoplasty

A blocked nose for either part of the day or night or all the time can be very uncomfortable and also cause some medical problems. When the nose is blocked at night you are forced to breathe through your mouth. This can cause a dry, sore throat in the morning and predispose to frequent throat infections (tonsillitis or pharyngitis).

Good sleep quality can be difficult with a blocked nose leading to tiredness during the day. You may have difficulty getting off to sleep or wake up during the night. You may also snore loudly or have sleep apnoea. Nasal blockages can also problems with the sinuses. Moreover, your rhinoplasty may be able to include treatments for allergic rhinitis (hayfever), polyps, sinus problems, a deviated septum or large turbinates.

Cosmetic reasons for rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty can make small subtle changes to the appearance of the nose or quite dramatic ones. Self-esteem is often closely linked to your own perception of your ideal facial appearance. When the nose is out of proportion to other parts of your face, the face as a whole loses it’s natural balance and grace. The nose can draw attention to itself distracting people from engaging with your eyes. This can also distract them from listening to what you are saying, usually subconsciously. Nasal abnormalities can be more obvious from the front, side or oblique views.

Plastic Surgery for Reshaping of the nose can restore the natural symmetry and proportion to your face. Ultimately the aim of any rhinoplasty procedure is to create a nose that functions well and has a natural (un-operated) appearance.

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