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Non-European Rhinoplasty

Different ethnicities have different distinct facial characteristics. These characteristics require a highly individualised approach. The overall considerations in non-European rhinoplasty are the same as that in any rhinoplasty. That is making sure the nose creates facial balance and blends in seamlessly. Image morphing allows patients to get an idea what they procedure will look like and prepare themselves. This also allows patients to raise any concerns or questions that they may have.

A non-European rhinoplasty no longer means giving a more Caucasian appearing nose. It is about helping to enhance the rest of the patient’s facial features whilst staying true to their ethnicity. Common features that patients have concerns about are a low nasal bridge, tip bulbosity, wide nostrils, droopy tip and nasal bridge hump. [Hyperlink each]

A low nasal bridge is most common in Asian and African American noses. Having a low bridge means the dorsum starts underneath the eyelash line and be quite wide making the eyes look far apart and the face off balance. Cartilage from a patient’s ear is often used to create a graft and placed over the dorsum to create a higher starting point for the bridge.

Another common feature of non-Caucasian noses is the bulbous tip caused by many different factors including thick skin, curved nasal tip cartilages, and a discrete fatty pad between nasal tip cartilages and the skin. The best way to get results is to flatten the curved tip cartilage making it more refined and a tip contour is then created.

Excessive width to the nostrils is often something that patients would like to change. The most common way of addressing this is by making a small wedge excision technique to reduce the nostril flaring combined with a small excision of skin from the nasal sill. This procedure is called nostril narrowing and quite common in wide set noses.

As with all rhinoplasty it is important to thoroughly plan the procedure beforehand. The most challenging factor in non-European rhinoplasty is usually thick skin which can be challenging to reshape.

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