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Chin Augmentation Surgery

What is a chin augmentation?

An often overlooked component of nasal aesthetics and facial balance is the position of the chin. When a chin is under pronounced it can often make the appearance of the nose seem larger than it is. By introducing a chin implant it recreates this balance and can make the nose look smaller.

How is a chin augmentation performed?

There are two approaches to performing a chin augmentation, the preferred technique is to use a chin implant. This is inserted through a small incision typically placed hidden under the jawline or inside the mouth in front of the gum line. Chin implants are commonly made from solid silicone.

Is there any other ways the surgery could be performed?

An alternative approach is the sliding genioplasty. In this technique the bones of the jaw are cut and advanced forward. The new position is then held in place with a metal plate. Healing takes longer than a chin implant.

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